Jamin Wight: Affidavit of Latah County Sheriff’s Detective Ryan Weaver



Wight, Jamin Christopher,

IC.R. 5(C

Your AFFIANT, being first sworn, deposes and says:

  1. Your Affiant is a duly qualified peace officer serving with the Latah County Sheriff’s Office.
  2. Your Affiant seeks a Warrant of Arrest for the above named Defendant for the Crime of:

    Attempted Strangulation
    Idaho Code (18-923)

The fact Affiant states in believing there is cause for the issuance of an Arrest Warrant are:

On 02/22/2013, at approximately 1510 hours, [redacted] called the Latah County Sheriff’s Office to report a domestic battery. [redacted] reported that her friend, [redacted], was battered by her husband, Jamin C. Wight. Reportedly the battery took place at the Wight’s residence, 1000 Headrick Road, Latah County, Idaho, on the night of 02/20/2013.

Due to weather conditions all on duty deputies were busy with crashes. I checked on duty at 1700 hours, and was informed of the report. I called [redacted], but she did not answer. I left a voice message. At approximately 1817 hours, [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted] (Unknown last), from Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse, arrived at the Sheriff’s Office.

[redacted] just finished applying for a protection order through the Latah County Courthouse. Judge John Judge granted [redacted] a temporary protection order. I asked [redacted] to tell me what was going on. [redacted] told me she has been married to Jamin for six years and they have three children together, [redacted] (age 4), [redacted] (age 2), and [redacted] (age 11 months). Throughout the marriage Jamin has been very controlling, and physically and emotionally abusive towards her.

On 02/20/2013, at approximately 2130 hours, Jamin and [redacted] started arguing. Jamin bought a laptop computer and he never mentioned anything about the purchase to [redacted]. [redacted] was questioning Jamin about the purchase and Jamin became very angry and blew up at [redacted]. Jamin told [redacted] she should just leave. [redacted] decided to leave and walked to [redacted] and Benjamin’s bedroom. [redacted] went into the bedroom to retrieve her suitcase. [redacted] said she already had a suitcase packed just in case. I asked her why she kept a suitcase packed in the children’s bedroom. [redacted] said Jamin’s behavior has been getting consistently worse and she wanted to be ready to leave. [redacted] grabbed the suitcase and put it next to [redacted] bed. [redacted] and [redacted] were both sleeping. [redacted] did not feel comfortable leaving the children with Jamin and was going to take them with her. [redacted] picked up [redacted] and was holding her against her chest with [redacted] head resting on her left shoulder. [redacted] went to exit the bedroom to put [redacted] into the car and Jamin stood in the doorway of the bedroom. [redacted] tried to walk past Jamin, but he pushed her with his open left hand against her right shoulder. [redacted] tried to leave again and Jamin grabbed [redacted] by her neck. Jamin used his left hand over the front of [redacted] neck with a thumb around the left side of her neck and his other fingers around the right side of her neck. With his hand around [redacted] neck Jamin pushed her backwards until her back was against the bunk bed. [redacted] said Jamin told her, “You are the most vile, selfish, stupid, pathetic, disgusting excuse of a person. I hate you. I wish you would just get out of my life.” [redacted] tried to get free but Jamin held her against the bunk bed for about a minute until [redacted] gave up and sat down on the bed. [redacted] put [redacted] back in bed.

I asked [redacted] to describe how it felt when Jamin had his hand around her neck. [redacted] said, “It hurt.” I asked if she was able to talk and breathe. [redacted] said she was able to breathe and talk and said the best way she could describe it was, “It was very uncomfortable.” [redacted] said she did not resist Jamin too much because she was holding [redacted], who was still asleep, and she did not want [redacted] to wake up.

After putting [redacted] back to bed [redacted] went into her and Jamin’s bedroom. Jamin followed [redacted] into the bedroom and started yelling at her. Jamin yelled, “Do not ever fucking do that again. I hate you. I wish you would just leave. You are such a bitch.” Jamin left the bedroom and walked over to the children’s bedroom. [redacted] exited their bedroom and wanted to check on [redacted] to make sure she was okay. Jamin stood in the doorway of the kids’ room and would not let [redacted] in. [redacted] said she tried to get past Jamin, but he pushed her back with his left forearm. [redacted] stood across the doorway against the wall in the hall and told Jamin she just wanted to snuggle with [redacted]. After about two to five minutes Jamin finally let [redacted] into the room after she promised not to leave with the children.

[redacted] stayed with [redacted] for about thirty minutes and then went into the bathroom and took photos of her injuries with her cell phone camera. [redacted] slept in her bedroom and Jamin slept in the living room.

I asked [redacted] if Jamin has been diagnosed with any mental health issues or if he is taking any medications for mental health issues. As far as [redacted] knows Jamin has never been diagnosed with anything and he is not taking any medications. [redacted] said they have been to several counselors and they are currently seeing a couple of pastors from local churches. I asked if Jamin has ever threatened suicide. About four years ago when [redacted] was pregnant with [redacted], Jamin was driving her home. Jamin and [redacted] had a verbal fight earlier and Jamin made the statement maybe he should drive the car off of the road and kill himself and [redacted].

[redacted] told me Jamin has a couple of different hunting rifles, a couple of shot guns, a Glock pistol and another silver pistol. Jamin usually keeps a pistol under the mattress and one on top of the refrigerator. None of the firearms are locked up.

[redacted] did not report the incident right away because she was afraid of retaliation and did not know what to do. [redacted] mentioned a previous domestic violence incident that was reported by [redacted] on 06/01/2011, at approximately 2302 hours. [redacted] never told the investigating deputy the truth about what was going on that night because Jamin told her they would both be arrested, and law enforcement would take their children away. [redacted] is originally from England and is unfamiliar with local laws and believed Jamin. [redacted] said Jamin is very controlling.

[redacted] e-mailed me the photos [redacted] took of her neck with her cell phone. I noticed marks on [redacted] neck while speaking with her. I saw a vertical red mark approximately ¾ inch long and 3 inches below her left earlobe and another red mark about ½ inch long and about 1 inches forward of the previous mark. Both marks were similar distances from the bottom of [redacted] jaw bone. The second mark noted was parallel to [redacted] bottom jaw line.

On the right side of [redacted] neck I saw a red bruise that was about inch wide and about 1 inch long. The mark ran parallel to [redacted] bottom jaw line and was about the same distance below the jaw line as the marks on the left side of her neck. I photographed the marks on [redacted] neck. I recorded the interview on my Vidmic.

02/22/2013, at approximately 2011 hours, Sgt. Anderson and I responded to 1000 Headrick Road, to speak with Jamin and serve him the protection order. Jamin came to the door and Sgt. Anderson advised him we were there to serve him a protection order. Jamin invited Sgt. Anderson and me inside the garage area. Sgt. Anderson explained and read the protection order to Jamin.

After Jamin was served the protection order I asked Jamin what happened to cause a protection order to be served against him. Jamin said the other night he bought a laptop computer for work because his was broken. [redacted] is very insecure about Jamin cheating on her and she starts asking him about the computer. Jamin said he told [redacted] he did not want to talk about it because it would just lead to a fight. Jamin said they were in their bedroom and left the bedroom to get away from [redacted] because he did not want to fight. Jamin walked into the kitchen and [redacted] followed him. Jamin said he continually told [redacted] he did not want to talk about it because he did not want to fight. Jamin said [redacted] continued to badger him about the computer. Jamin told [redacted] why don’t you just leave if you’re going to act this way. Jamin said [redacted] is so insecure that she becomes hysterical.

[redacted] went into [redacted] and [redacted] bedroom and picked up [redacted]. Jamin said it made him very angry at [redacted] for going into the kid’s bedroom and disturbing them while they were sleeping. Jamin said even though he was very angry he did not raise his voice and did not yell at [redacted]. Jamin told [redacted] in a low and angry voice not to do this to their kids and told her to put [redacted] down. Jamin blocked the bedroom door and would not let [redacted] leave. Jamin did not want [redacted] to leave with the children in such a hysterical state. Jamin said [redacted] has made comments in the past about running off the road to hurt herself. Jamin said he stood in the doorway with both arms out in front of his chest about a foot, bent at the elbows, with the palms of his hands facing forward at shoulder height, and just slightly wider than shoulder width. Jamin told [redacted] to put [redacted] down and leave the children out of it. Jamin said [redacted] tried to leave the bedroom and walked into his hands. Jamin then stated, “I swear by anything, I did not grab her throat. I had my hands up and she walks into me.” Jamin was not told about the allegations made against him by [redacted] to me. Sgt. Anderson stopped Jamin and asked why he would make a statement like that just out of the blue. Jamin said he did not want to touch [redacted] who was still trying to sleep with her head on [redacted] left shoulder and [redacted] was just walking into his hand. Jamin was holding up his left hand and motioning his right hand into his left hand as he explained [redacted] actions. Jamin said he was very concerned about [redacted] leaving, “In such an absolute hysterical mood with our daughter.”

[redacted] finally put [redacted] back to bed and she walked into their bedroom. Jamin said he remained in the door way of the kids’ bedroom and [redacted] came back towards the kids’ bedroom and wanted to see [redacted]. Jamin remained in the door and told [redacted] he would let her in to see [redacted] if she promised not to try to leave with the kids. Jamin said he let [redacted] in to see [redacted].

Jamin said he never squeezed or pushed [redacted] while his hand was on her throat. Jamin said he did not want to hurt her he just wanted to keep her from leaving with [redacted]. In the past Jamin has had to physically hold [redacted] back when she came at him, but he did not think he held her back during this altercation or not. I asked Jamin how [redacted] would have gotten marks on her neck. Jamin said he has been with [redacted] for the past couple days and he has not noticed any marks on her neck. I told Jamin I saw marks on [redacted] neck and they appeared to have been caused by the end of fingers, possibly nails. Jamin wanted me to take a look at his finger nails because he was said his finger nails were too short to leave any marks. I looked at Jamin’s left hand and his index finger nail was long enough to make the mark I saw on the right side of [redacted] neck. His thumb nail was shorter but still long enough to make the marks I saw on the left side of [redacted] neck.

Sgt. Anderson told Jamin it was strange and very uncommon, for someone to make a statement about having someone walk into their hand hard enough to leave marks on their throat. Jamin replied to Sgt. Anderson saying, “It’s not common for someone to hurt themselves because they’re desperate for their husband’s attention and their husband’s not giving them the love they need and so they wack themselves. [redacted] has physically hurt herself. She broke our pepper grinder by hitting herself in the head.” I asked Jamin if [redacted] was drinking. Jamin said neither one of them were drinking. Jamin said his drinking in the past has created some problems so his counselor told him to stop drinking for two weeks to see if it helped the relationship, but Jamin said it has made things more difficult.

I told Jamin what [redacted] told me had occurred. I told Jamin [redacted] said he pushed her back against the bunk bed. Jamin denied holding [redacted] up against the bunk bed and he admitted that he had his hand around [redacted] throat. Jamin said he was tempted to squeeze but he didn’t.

I asked Jamin if he would describe [redacted] hysterical behavior. Jamin would not answer the question and began talking about past issues they have had, things they have discussed with they counselors. I again asked Jamin to describe [redacted] hysterical behavior. Jamin said [redacted] becomes so hysterical that she won’t listen to him, raises her voice and becomes very emotional. Jamin again went off on a side track about how he told [redacted] he did not want to talk to her because he did not want to fight and she would not leave him alone. Jamin could not give any specific examples of [redacted] hysterical behavior. Jamin told me he struggles with bitterness towards [redacted] if he feels she has wronged him in some way and he becomes unaffectionate towards her. Jamin said the next morning [redacted] apologized to him for her behavior.

While speaking with Jamin his story would jump around a lot and it was difficult to follow him. Frequently while questioning Jamin he would pause several times in between statements and look towards the floor. It appeared he was trying to be deceptive and was not telling the whole truth.

On 03/01/2013, at approximately 1538 hours, I spoke with [redacted] at a friend’s residence in Moscow, Latah County, Idaho. I told [redacted] I spoke with Jamin about the incident. I said Jamin described her behavior as being very uncontrollably hysterical. [redacted] was very calm and said she was upset and crying because he told her to leave, but she never pushed him or yelled at him. [redacted] said [redacted] didn’t wake up and if her behavior was so hysterical [redacted] would have woken up.

I asked [redacted] if she apologized to Jamin the next morning for her behavior. [redacted] told me she apologized to Jamin because he told her to shut up and she asked him again about the laptop computer instead of just walking away.

[redacted], and his wife, [redacted], were in the room while I was talking with [redacted]. [redacted] has confided in [redacted] and [redacted] about Jamin’s abusive behavior. [redacted] said Jamin has used pornography as a means of punishment towards [redacted]. Jamin would look at porn and tell [redacted] it was her fault he was looking at porn on the computer. One of Jamin and [redacted] counselors put software on Jamin’s computer that would not allow him to access pornographic sites. When Jamin came home with a new laptop and never mentioned it to her she was trying to keep him accountable.

[redacted] has worked as a police officer for the Lewiston Police Department for twelve years. [redacted] and [redacted] have known Jamin and [redacted] for about four and a half years. About two years ago [redacted] started to talk about some of the abuse that she was suffering from Jamin. [redacted] said when he noticed there was a problem he started to drill [redacted] thinking she was the problem. [redacted] said [redacted] has always been consistent and from what he has witnessed with Jamin’s behavior he believes Jamin was not being truthful. [redacted] said in a counseling session Jamin has admitted to using anger as a teaching tool for [redacted] like you would train a dog.

While speaking with [redacted] she said Jamin has choked her before. In the fall of 2010 Jamin violently choked her to the point she had severe bruising on her neck. Jamin was holding [redacted], who was about 2 years old at the time. Jamin took [redacted] into the bedroom and she heard Jamin yell, “Shut up.” [redacted] was in a separate room and said nothing so she went into the bedroom and told Jamin he was not to yell at their children and tried to take [redacted]. Jamin said I was yelling at you and grabbed [redacted] by the throat and pushed her against the wall. [redacted] said the next morning Jamin made her wear a turtle neck to church so nobody would see the bruises. [redacted] never told anyone at that time, and there is no photographic evidence of the bruises or any witnesses.

I asked [redacted] if she still had the marks on her neck from the incident on 02/22/13. I did not see any marks and [redacted] took a closer look and said she didn’t see them anymore. I asked [redacted] if she was scared when Jamin had his hand on her neck. [redacted] said it was firm and she felt pressure. Afterwards her neck was sore and that’s when she took the photos with her cell phone. I asked [redacted] how it made her feel emotionally, if she was scared for her life. [redacted] said she has become numb to the abuse and did not feel scared, not like in the beginning.

[redacted] typed up a sheet that chronologically listed several incidents of abuse from Jamin towards her that have taken place since 2007. See attachment “A.” [redacted] signed and dated attachment “A.” I put a copy of the protection order and the application for the protection order in the case file.

I booked the photos I took of [redacted] marks on her neck and the photos she took with her cell phone into evidence. The video of the contacts with [redacted] and Jamin were also booked into evidence.

Ryan Weaver
Affiant/Police Officer