Trinity Reformed Church, Moscow: “Prayer for Jamin Wight in Haiti”

Email from Trinity Reformed Church, Moscow | May 13, 2010

From: Trinity Reformed Church
Date: Thu, May 13, 2010 at 10:44 AM
Subject: Prayer for Jamin Wight in Haiti

Trinity Saints,

Just wanted to let you know that after a several months of investigating, we are finally using the funds that we raised for relief efforts in Haiti. Jamin Wight is leaving tomorrow (Friday, 5/14) to go down to Haiti for a week. The special offerings that we took up during January and February amounted to around $3000. We are using these funds for Jamin’s travel, lodging, and food needs, but then he will be working with a construction crew through Mission to North America, a ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America. Jamin will be purchasing a number of tools and supplies both here and down in Haiti to use while he is there and then to leave there for future use by other crews. This particular team is working on building churches which can also be used as shelters for the thousands who are still living in tents. With rainy season coming on and hurricane season to follow, this is a pressing need that we are excited to be part of. Jamin will also be leaving leaving a portion of the funds raised with local church leaders to be dispersed to Haitian families in need.

Please pray for traveling mercies, that Jamin would stay healthy, and be protected from all harm. Pray that there would enough organization in place on the ground that he would be able to use his skills effectively and efficiently. And pray that the Haitian Christians would be encouraged and blessed by his time down there. Of course keep —, —, and baby #2 in your prayers as well while Jamin is away.

Toby Sumpter

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