Statement to Police by Gary Greenfield

Date: August 17, 2005

Submitted by: Gary Greenfield, Father of Natalie Greenfield
Subject: Criminal Activity In My Home

This past February, 2005, our daughter, Natalie who is now 18 years old confessed to her Mother sexual acts which had taken place between Jamin Wight and herself years ago while Jamin was living in our home. My daughter was between the ages of 14 and 15 during the period when the sexual acts took place within our home.

I was not present during the confession. My wife later came to me to discuss Natalie’s confession. Shortly thereafter, my wife, I and my daughter met and talked about what we should do. My primary concern was for my daughter’s welfare and protection.

My first step was to contact an attorney who was also a personal friend. I asked him to be present in my home as a witness with me when I confronted Jamin regarding his activity with my daughter during the year he lived with us.

I then contacted Jamin and asked him to meet with me at my home. I didn’t tell him the reason for our meeting and he did not know that Mr. Dickison would be there. In opening my meeting with Jamin, I showed him the Idaho Code addressing lewd and lascivious behavior with a minor. I then told him Natalie had made a confession to us and that I now wanted a written statement from him regarding his activity with my daughter during the time he lived with us. I told him that I wanted the written statement in my possession by midnight of that day.

After receiving the statement my wife had our daughter read it for accuracy. She stated it was not accurate and that activities were left out. I contacted Jamin again and asked him to rewrite his statement not leaving out any details whatever. I also asked him to include in his statement any other sexual activities with other women. He delivered the statement to my house and again met with myself and Greg Dickison.

Again, my wife and I had our daughter read Jamin’s statement and she confirmed it was accurate. After realizing the extent of the seriousness of the brazen crimes committed against my daughter in the security of her own home and the trauma incurred first by our daughter and now by her parents, I chose not to take any action until we talked through and contemplated our options and the effect those decisions would have on our daughter and our family.

It has now been almost six months since we were made aware of the injuries incurred against our daughter and during the past six months I have endeavored to create an environment in our home that would promote healing and also provide us with the courage we would need to take further legal action against Jamin.

Our first step was for my wife and me to meet with Jamin’s pastor and our attorney. Our next step was for my wife and me to have a meeting with our pastor, Jamin and Jamin’s pastor. It was during this meeting that Jamin gave his word that if charges were filed against him, he would plead guilty and not contest the charges. Our final step was to contact the civil legal authorities and file charges against Jamin Wight for lewd and lascivious conduct with minor. Our hope is that this man will be punished for his crimes against our daughter and also that he could become a responsible citizen who is not a menace to society.

Gary Greenfield