Jamin Wight Police Narrative

  1. Suspect Information

    Jamin C. Wight (W/M)
    DOB — [redacted] 1977
    905 W C
    Moscow, ID 83843
    (509) 330-0047 (Cell & H)

  1. Vehicle Description
  1. Property Description / Value
  1. Evidence
    1 Video Cassette recording of initial interview with Natalie Greenfield
    ** Booked into property **

    1 Video Cassette recording of initial interview with Jamin Wight
    ** Booked into property **

    1–3 page letter written in Feb 2005 by Wight given to the Greenfield “confessing” to having inappropriate relations with Natalie Greenfield and asking for forgiveness.
    ** Booked into property **

    Written statement from Natalie Greenfield, Patricia Greenfield, Gary Greenfield and Douglas Wilson.
    ** In Case File **

    1 — Dell Inspiron Laptop Computer
    Model 8200
    No Serial Number
    Express Service Code # 11140552117
    Power Supply & cord
    ** Booked into property **

    6 — photocopies of the journal Natalie Greenfield wrote to Wight
    Original missing
    ** Booked into property **

    1 — City of Moscow Utility bill
    Indicia of ownership taken during search warrant service
    ** Booked into property **

  1. Narrative

    On Monday August 15, 2005 at 1500 hours Natalie Greenfield came to the police department to report a series of sexual encounters with a former resident of her families home on E B St. These encounters happened between February 2001 to June 2002 at 418 E B in Moscow and once on an unknown street nearby this address in Moscow. The suspect in this case was identified by Greenfield as Jamin Wight. Greenfield told me she was 14 years old when this relationship started and she was 15 years old when it finished. Greenfield told me Wight was 24 years old when this relationship started and was 25 years old when it finished. Greenfield told me Wight was fully aware of her age when they entered into this relationship.

    Greenfield told me her parents, Gary and Patricia Greenfield, allowed Wight to move into their home back in February of 2001 in trade for Wight helping them remodel the basement. [. . . . redacted . . . .] was not comfortable with it. [redacted. . . ] but this also made her uncomfortable. [. . . . redacted . . . .]

    were about once or twice a month, usually at night in Natalie’s bedroom. [. . . redacted . . .] Natalie told me she would usually be asleep, but woke up by Wight standing over her or on her bed on top of her. Natalie told me Wight was usually the aggressor to start these incidents [redacted].

    Natalie told me she wanted to tell her parents when this was going on because she knew it was wrong to do things only a married couple should be doing. Natalie told me she and Wight told her parents one time in the beginning that they held hands on the way back from a skiing trip in the Greenfield’s Suburban. Natalie told me her parents told them to leave each other alone and to not give into temptation again in the future. Natalie told me when the incidents started again, Wight told her not to tell her parents because that would break them apart and they would never see each other again. Natalie told me she did not tell her parents about this happening until February of 2005, well after Wight had moved out of the Greenfield home, away to California. Wight has since moved back to Moscow.

    Natalie told me she informed her parents of these events in February of 2005. Natalie told me after she told her parents, Gary Greenfield called Wight to their home to confront him about his actions. Natalie told me Wight confessed his sins to Gary and pleaded for forgiveness from the Greenfield’s. Natalie told me Wight wrote a letter at that time to her parents explaining what happened between him and Natalie and begging for their forgiveness. Natalie told me her parents had this letter and wanted to give it to the police.

    Natalie told me at the time she told her parents in February of 2005, she was not prepared to come forward and talk to the police about what happened. Natalie told me she grew concerned enough to talk to the police about what happened when Wight started denying it ever happened. Natalie told me Wight was telling friends the Greenfield’s and he had in common to not believe the lies the Greenfield were spreading about him. Natalie also told me Wight was engaged to an eighteen year old woman who had no idea of his past with her (Natalie). Natalie told me Wight was also applying to receive some kind of pastor position with the Trinity Reformed Church. Natalie told me this concerned her because of his past behavior with her (Natalie). I asked Natalie to write out a statement for me so I could have what happened in her own words. Natalie agreed to do so.

    Natalie told me there was a meeting at 1000 am on Monday August 15, 2005 where Wight met with Patricia and Gary Greenfield, Douglas Wilson and Peter Leithart at the Christ Church offices on Fifth St. Natalie told me Wight confessed again to all of the “sins” he committed with her. Natalie told me Wight said he would plead guilty to any criminal charges that came forward as a result of his conduct with Natalie.

    I went to 418 E B to speak to Patricia and Gary Greenfield. Gary gave me the three page “confession” letter that Wight wrote back in February 2005 to them. Gary and Patricia confirmed the information about meeting with Wight and the two pastors (Wilson and Leithart) where Wight confessed again. Gary and Patricia also confirmed that Wight wanted to plead guilty to any criminal charges brought against him by the police. I asked Gary and Patricia to provide me written statements related to these events. They said they would get them to me as soon as possible.

    I went back to the police department and called Wight. Wight agreed to come to the police department to speak to me. At about 1620 hours, Wight arrived at the police department. I escorted Wight to an interview room inside the department. I told Wight he was not under arrest and was free to leave at anytime he wanted. Wight told me he understood. I asked Wight about his experiences with Natalie Greenfield and her family.

    Wight told me back in October of 2000 he met the Greenfield through church (Christ Church). [. . . redacted . . .] Wight told me he eventually was asked to move in with the Greenfield (February 2001) and have his room and board paid for in trade for working around the home. [. . . redacted . . .]

    Wight told me the first time they “broke the rules” was on the way back from a skiing trip in 2001. Wight told me they held hands in the back of the Greenfield Suburban. Wight told me he and Natalie confessed their sin to Gary and Patricia. Wight told me Gary instructed him that this behavior needed to stop or he (Wight) would have to leave the house.

    [. . . redacted . . .]

    Wight told me a pattern developed where he [. . . redacted . . .] Wight said he felt awful because it was his lustful feelings toward Natalie that started this. Wight told me this was all his fault. [. . . redacted . . . .]

    [. . . . redacted . . .] Wight told me he would masturbate sometimes [. . . redacted . . .]

    Wight told me between February 2001 and June of 2002, he and Natalie probably had twenty such encounters. Wight told me there was one occasion when he and Natalie had an encounter in a parked car a few blocks away from the Greenfield’s home. Wight told me he was fully aware Natalie was only 14 years old when this started. Wight told me he did not feel Natalie was 14 because she did not look or act 14, she was very advanced and mature for her age. I asked Wight if he wrote a letter explaining and confessing his actions with Natalie to the Greenfield’s. Wight told me back in February of 2005 he wrote a letter to the Greenfield’s. I showed him a copy of the letter the Greenfield’s gave to me. Wight told me this was the letter he wrote confessing his sins to the Greenfield’s.

    I asked Wight if he had a meeting with Patricia and Gary Greenfield where Douglas Wilson and Peter Leithart were present. Wight told me at 1000 hours on Monday August 15, 2005 he had a meeting with these people. Wight told me he took an oath before god that the facts in the letter he wrote were true. Wight told me he agreed to “take his lumps” if the matter was brought before law enforcement. Wight told me he knew it was wrong to “do what only married couples are supposed to do” with Natalie. Wight told me he had come to terms and has been forgiven for his sins with Natalie and was ready to confront and plead guilty for whatever criminal charges were brought.

    I asked Wight if he would be willing to review his letter since it was written seven months ago to see if it was still accurate. Wight agreed to review his letter to see if it needed revision. I provided him a copy of his letter so he could review it. Wight asked me if he needed an attorney. I told Wight that an attorney was his decision and I could not give him advice to seek council or not.

  1. Other Information
  1. Follow-Up Needed / Undeveloped Leads
    Collect the written statements that are pending.
  1. Case Status
  1. Referred to Detectives — yes/no

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Casey R. Green
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Moscow Police Department

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