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Supplemental Narratives

Seq             Name             Date             Narrative
1           Casey Green       10:49:23       08/16/05
Supplemental Information by 139:

On Tuesday August 16, 2005 at 1049 hours I was at the Anselym [sic] House located at Fifth and Washington speaking to Douglas Wilson. Wilson told me he was present during the meeting at 1000 hours on Monday August 15, 2005 where Wight “confessed” his guilt and swore before god the information he put in his letter was true and accurate. Wilson told me they did not go into specifics about each incident, but spoke in general terms about what happened between Natalie Greenfield and Wight. Wilson told me Gary and Patricia Greenfield, Dr. Peter Leithart and Wight were present at this meeting. I asked Wilson to provide me a written statement about these events. Wilson agreed to do so.

I contacted Dr. Leithart by telephone and made arrangements to speak to him at his offices inside the New St. Andrews College on Thursday August 18, 2005 at 1300 hours.

On Tuesday August 16, 2005 at approximately 1209 hours Natalie Greenfield came by the Substation to drop off her written statement. I collected this statement and placed it in this case file at the police department.

On Tuesday August 16, 2005 at approximately 1300 hours, Wight came by the substation to provide me his addendum to his letter. Wight also told me he needed to provide me a copy of a journal Natalie kept. Wight told me there was more information inside this journal outlining the nature of his and Natalie’s relationship. Wight was not able to give me these documents because he needed to make some photocopies of them before he provided them to me. I will be contacting him on Wednesday August 17, 2005 if I have not heard from him or received these documents.

Tue Aug 16 16:35:44 PDT 2005

On Wednesday August 17, 2005 at 1145 hours I called Wight. Wight told me he had consulted with Ron Hofstetter, an attorney out of western Washington area. Wight told me Hofstetter’s phone number is [redacted]. Wight told me he was not officially representing him, but Hofstetter was advising him not to turn anything over to the police until he had a chance to review it first. I told Wight I would no longer be able to speak to him directly anymore since he is seeking representation and that I would be in contact with his attorney for further matters related to this case.

I attempted to contact Hofstetter at the number provided to me by Wight. Hofstetter was not able to take my call, so I left a message for him to call me in reference to this case.

I called the Latah County Prosecutor’s Office to discuss this case with a prosecutor. I spoke to Jay Johnson. I told Johnson I was concerned for Wight’s status related to this case. I told him Wight has ties outside the country and probably has a current passport. I told him I did not believe Wight fully realized what kind of charges he was facing, but once his attorney advised him of the seriousness of the charges, he might be motivated to either run or take his own life. I told him Wight is a concealed weapons permit holder, so he is likely to possess the means to hurt himself or others with a firearm. I told him I did not strongly feel Wight was an immediate flight risk, but I thought it was likely he could be compelled to flee once reality set in. I told Johnson I have enough information to place Wight in custody on two counts of lewd conduct with a minor under the age of sixteen and one count of sexual abuse of a child under the age of sixteen. Prosecutor Johnson concurred with me.

I went to 905 W C to arrest Wight. I placed Wight into custody on these charges. I handcuffed and searched Wight. I transported Wight to the Latah County Jail where he was booked into custody on these charges.

I prepared a probable cause affidavit for these charges. I also prepared a search warrant request for the journal and a laptop computer I saw Wight had when I was placing him into custody at his residence. Wight had typed his original letter to the Greenfield’s on a PC, so I wanted to get this laptop to try and locate this original letter, Wight’s revised addendum to this letter and any other documents related to Wight and Natalie Greenfield’s relationship. I was granted this warrant by Judge Hamlett with the assistance of Ann Taylor from the Latah County Prosecutor’s Office.

I went back to 905 W C to serve the warrant at 1637 hours. I knocked and was greeted by Wight’s roommate, Martin Becktell. I told Becktell we had a search warrant and we demanded entry into the residence to search. I served the warrant to Becktell as a resident of the home. Cpl. Tyson Berrett and Sgt. Bruce Fager assisted me while I searched the residence for the journal and Wight’s laptop.

In Wight’s bedroom, which was located in a room behind the garage of this residence, I found six photocopies of the journal I was looking for in a dresser drawer. I also found a Dell Inspiron laptop computer. I had not specified the word “copies” in my warrant, so I left the residence and returned to the courthouse to meet with the judge again to modify my original warrant to include the word “copies” in it. This allowed me to collect the six photocopies of the journal I did locate. I left an inventory receipt for the journal copies, the laptop and a City of Moscow bill that was indicia of ownership for Wight’s residence.

Ann Taylor called during the service of the warrant to notify us the judge had spoken to Wight about voluntarily submitting his passport to their care and custody until this matter was resolved. Taylor told us where Wight kept his passports which he voluntarily submitted to the safekeeping of the court. I took these passports to the courthouse and provided them to the clerk’s office for safekeeping.

I returned to the police department and booked in the three items I collected at Wight’s home. Cpl. Berrett provided me a CD-ROM of photographs that were taken in relation to the service of the search warrant. I placed this CD-ROM in this case file. Cpl. Berrett has not conducted forensic search of Wight’s laptop at this time. I believe he is waiting for direction from the prosecutor’s office or another warrant specific to searching this laptop to locate possible evidence related to this offense. I am scheduled to return this search warrant on Wednesday August 24, 2005 at 1130 in the morning at the Latah County Courthouse.

Tue Aug 23 12:36:42 PDT 2005

Casey R. Green
Patrol Officer #139
Moscow Police Department

Reviewed by Sgt. Fager Wed Aug 24 11:09:27 PDT 2005

On Wednesday August 31, 2005 I found an envelope in my mailbox at the police department. Inside this envelope was a letter written by Wight that he provided to Gary and Pat Greenfield related to this offense. I added it to this case file

Wed Aug 31 13:04:52 PDT 2005